WCCC takes referrals directly from the community for conflict, support, understanding, etc.!  Visit our Types of Circles page for more information about those types of Circles.  To apply, submit an application to

Steps to apply for a non-criminal Circle:

  1. Complete an application and email it to
  2. A Circle Keeper will contact you to review your application with you and set up an Application Circle.
  3. The community will hold an Application Circle to determine, by consensus, whether it will accept your case.  

Circles can be ongoing or can be limited in duration.  The best approach for a case will be decided by consensus by the Circle with the client.

Want to refer your criminal case?

If you are a defendant that would like to participate in Circle, talk to your attorney and the prosecutor about referring your case.  Referrals of criminal cases must have agreement by the victim, defendant, defense attorney, prosecutor, and court.  See our criminal referral process here.

Contact us with any questions you have.