Comparing Circle to the Traditional Process

  • Circle usually works with a client for longer than the traditional court process (16+ months)  
  • Victims may choose to participate in all Circles—or may choose to have Circles just for them
  • Victims may participate in the Sentencing Circle
  • Once referred to Circle, decisions are made by consensus by the Circle (volunteers, client and victim – if participating)
“This process is wonderful and unbelievably therapeutic led by passionate individuals who do not have to do this yet come back for me (it seems) again and again. I would also say trust that the process will be beneficial and be open to honest and sometimes hard, yet supportive, questioning.”
— Former Victim and Client

Process & Opportunities for Repairing Harm

WCCC is victim-driven and we appreciate the complexities of crime and its impact on victims and the community. Victims are always offered individual Healing Circle for themselves (with support people of their choosing). 

Victims are also given a choice about the extent of  their participation in Circles for the client. WCCC strives to support victims by respecting their choices and encouraging victims to seek additional support from advocacy organizations, like Tubman, therapists or counselors, and others to ensure safety measures are being taken and that victims have support within and outside of the Circle.


See our victim brochure here for additional information.