Refer A Criminal Case

All criminal cases referred as Sentencing Circles must be referred through the agreement of all parties (defendant, prosecuting attorney, victim), including the court.  


Referral Process.jpg

General steps in the referral process include:

  1. Agreement by all parties to refer the case to Circles - includes victim (if one identified), defendant, defense attorney, prosecutor, and court. The court will be the one to make the actual referral at a plea hearing and will set the Sentencing Hearing approximately 4 months out.

  2. WCCC receives application from the court & contact the defendant and victim (if one identified) and set up an Application Circle.

  3. Hold APplication Circle and notify parties, including the court, of the outcome - whether we will accept the case. We will send a notice of the decision to all parties.

When I first started Circle, I was deeply sad and angry at the same time... I felt things were hopeless and I was tired of feeling spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally forsaken... Today I feel different... I know today that I am remorseful because I see the effect as it plays out in my children and my partnership. However, I am determined to create better memories for my children, my husband, my loved ones and myself.
— Former Victim and Client

If you have any questions about the referral process, please do not hesitate to contact us at