Intern Kasi's Blog: Week in the Life of an Intern

As with last week, there was no circle this week, but it gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into my research on restorative justice and I an excited about it. I found this on TED talk that speaks about what our world could look like without prisons. The speaker talks about restorative justice centers that are currently being built around the country. I have also begun to think of what I can do in my future after college and how I want to slowly begin to implement the concept of both restorative justice and community circles back home in my high school and then begin to expand to the other high schools and then to the broader community. The research that I am doing for this internship is only going to help me in the long run. This post is a little short as it was just research, research, research.

Next week there is circle, but I have gone home for Spring Break, so more research for me. I will report what I find though! See you next time ~Kasi

The TED Talk: