Intern Kasi's Blog: Week in the Life of an Intern...

RESPONSIBILITY. When I think of the work responsibility I can honestly say that I get a little anxious and nervous as I have many responsibilities that I am going to be dealing with in the next few months as I prepare for graduation. No matter how much I prepare for graduation and what I will be doing afterward, I am not going to be ready for all of the responsibilities that come with it, at least not right away. In circle this week it was one of WCCC’s clients last circles and sitting there listening to how far they have come since they started and how much the circle members have changed them for the better was inspiring. Each week as I sit through circle and listen to those around me and the client’s, I am more and more amazed by how effective this form of restorative justice really is. Like I had stated in a previous post, when I went into this internship, I wasn’t exactly sure how effective restorative justice was and now, only about a month in, I can see that it is incredibly effective at changing the lives of the client’s, but also the victims and the community, and how it can be used as a possible deterrent in the future of crime. One thing I really enjoyed about this week’s circle was seeing what a closing circle looks like and I was pleasantly surprised. There was a formal circle held, talking about final thoughts about the client’s case and the progress they have made, and then after that we had a little celebration to congratulate the client for completing the circle and for changing as a person into someone much better than before.

Each week as I research restorative justice more and more and look into how it can be implemented in other communities, I am seeing that in a lot of cases restorative justice is being implemented in schools and it is working for them. One article I read spoke about students being able to air their grievances and afterward they felt happier and safer in school. If using restorative justice practices in schools makes students feel safer, that means that it is doing something for them that is positive.

Those are my thoughts on this last week, I’ll see you next week. ~Kasi